Program Details

AIT provides student athletes the opportunity to receive intense training in strength and conditioning with position and skill work outs, while also working summer jobs and growing in their relationship with God. The high-intensity environment during summer project also allows athletes to grow in other important areas such as discipline and leadership.

As a part of the AIT program at the Orlando Project, you have the opportunity to work out and train four days a week, along with working an average of 25 hours a week. The work hours include 7:00am-2:00pm Tuesday through Saturday. Each participant will have required time perfecting specific skills through drills and scrimmages. AIT will contribute to both your physical and spiritual development at the Orlando Project, and equip you to succeed in your sport when you return to school.  Please contact Justin Gentry for more details. 



Dr. Phillips YMCA
This year, AIT will be training at Dr. Phillips YMCA in Orlando. This facility is located less then 10 minutes from the Wyndham Resort and is equipped with state of the art gymnasiums and weight facilities.


Strength and Conditioning
Four days a week, each athlete will be required to to participate in a supervised strength and conditioning program. Athletes will be given the opportunity to scrimmage and do drills with student athletes from different universities.