Bret Tennison

Bret Tennison Professional Pic.jpg

About Bret

 I am a junior at IUPUI, studying mechanical engineering. I grew up going to church, believing in Jesus, and believing I was a Christian. Throughout high school I was a very moral kid, trying to do all the right things. I was very involved in my youth group and even went on a mission trip to Nicaragua. I came to IUPUI looking for an environment like that of a youth group, wanting to find a strong group of Christian friends, which I found in Campus Outreach. However, the more I was around them, the more I realized their relationship with Christ looked different. I said I believed in the same thing, but it wasn’t affecting my daily life.  They had a personal relationship with him. I then went to an event where we read the bible for a few hours and I saw it was talking about the same thing, a personal relationship. That night I surrendered my life to Christ and have been seeking to glorify him with my life in new ways ever since. Desiring to grow closer to him in everything I do in long term choices, as well as daily decisions.

Why does he want to go to the Orlando Project? 

I’m excited to go back to the Orlando Project for my third summer, because God has placed discipleship on my heart. Godly discipleship is something that I want to characterize my life. OP will give me the opportunity to disciple servant leaders who are also discipling others. This generational discipleship is what I want the rest of my life to look like.

What is he hoping to learn this summer? 

I am hoping to learn how to point others to Christ in new ways, and to share some of what others have poured into me.  The opportunity to pour into the lives of young Christians is humbling.

What is he most excited about for this summer?

The community of the Orlando Project is like nothing else, and I couldn’t be more excited to play a leadership role in this incredible community of college students pursuing Christ together.