Cara Nutley

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About Cara 

I am a junior at IUPUI, majoring in Nursing! Growing up, my family and I went to church most Sundays, but I never truly understood who Jesus really was, what he did for a sinner like me, or even what it meant to have a relationship with God. I was living for myself, and that really showed when I started school at IUPUI. There, I soon met a woman on campus who started challenging me with deeper questions about my faith and I began to realize everything I was missing without a relationship with our Father. I asked God to take hold of my life and lead me where He wants me to go. I now experience true joy in the journeys He leads me on and being able to spread His love to our lost world.


Why does she want to go to the Orlando Project? 

This summer, I am going back to the Orlando Project with plans to multiply God’s kingdom through new believers, as well as learn how to continue sharing the Gospel throughout my life.

What is she hoping to learn this summer? 

I am hoping God will grow me in leadership and more ways to share the Gospel while I am there.

What is she most excited about for this summer?

I am so excited to meet and build relationships with so many new people from all over Indiana, as well as Orlando!