Carl Banks

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About Carl 

I am a sophomore at the University of Southern Indiana and my major is Social Work. I came to know Christ my freshman year after meeting some guys who were involved in Campus Outreach. I did not grow up in a Christian home and I had very little knowledge of who God was before coming to college. I began hanging out with these guys and from the start their lives looked totally different from mine. I was at first ashamed of how my life was totally different from theirs and I quickly began running away from them, but soon I realized that the life I was living in the dark wasn’t worth living anymore. I remember coming back to school after fall conference reminiscing over the past weekend and I began really searching for answers by praying. A week after fall conference I confessed faith. From then I really began to feel a real heart change. I had a challenging time adjusting to giving God my all and not having my flesh once again be consumed to this world. I been to every conference Campus Outreach have had ever since I gave my life to Christ, but I continue to struggle in my walk with God day-in and day-out, but my prayer life shows as a necessity at times of discomfort.

Why does he want to go to the Orlando Project? 

This will be my second time heading to the Orlando Project and I’m very excited to be heading back as a servant leader. I cannot wait to gain more training to help continue my walk in Christ and gain more friends that can help me along the way. I’m hoping I can do the same also with being a vessel within the group of believers who are heading down to Orlando.

What is he hoping to learn this summer? 

I want to gain more well-informed skills to help pursue Christ the best way I can and also get personal help with how I can share and even defend my faith.