Conner Crutchley

About Conner 

I grew up going to church with my parents and was actively involved with my youth group from elementary through high school. Doing a summer internship with my church after my junior year in high school made it evident that I was putting on two different faces, one in church where I had everything under control and followed all the rules and the other in my day to day life not addressing my obvious sin. My sin was revealed to me and I saw my need for repentance, turning from sin and to God. I was baptized that summer as well as a response to my decision to follow Christ. Coming to Purdue I felt disconnected, I no longer had a tight community of believers to lean on, but God provided. My freshman orientation leader told me about City of God church. At the end of first semester my neighbor at the time, who had come to Christ that fall, told me about Orlando Project and CO. I signed up for OP started getting involved in CO and now I’m here!

Why does he want to go to the Orlando Project? 

OP was an amazing summer of growth for me as a disciple. I grew to love God’s word in a way that I had never experienced before.  I am going back as a servant leader to grow in new ways as I get equipped to disciple men in my fraternity back on campus at Purdue and begin to see guys come to Christ.

What is most excited about for this summer? 

I am excited to be challenged through people and situations that I know only God would be able to orchestrate in my life. I am also excited to be back in the loving and Christ centered environment that OP provides.