Conner Crutchley

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About Conner

I was raised in multiple different denominations. I always went to youth group with my friends at the churches I went to, but Christ was never really a reality to me. After my Junior year in high school I came to Christ during a summer internship at my home church, and was baptized later that summer. I was a new Christian coming into college and got involved with Campus Outreach which led me to my first OP.


Why does he want to go to the Orlando Project? 

I decided to attend the Orlando project this summer to serve the students and servant leaders.

What is he hoping to learn this summer? 

This summer I am excited to grow in leadership skills and learning how to teach students.

What is he most excited about for this summer?

I am most excited about seeing how the students and servant leaders grow in their relationships with Christ and mature as leaders for their return back to the campus.