Kaniesha Woodard

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About Kaniesha 

I am a Junior at IUPUI studying Social Work. My freshman year I met a woman on staff with Campus Outreach (CO) during a Root-Beer float night. From her befriending me and taking genuine time to build a friendship with me, I was able to see that she was living a joyful life. Her joy came from her relationship with Christ. At the end of my freshman year, she began to share the Gospel with me. She shared Romans 6:23 (For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord ) with me and it was then that I saw that I didn’t have a real relationship with Christ and was living for myself. Fast forward two months after she had shared with me, I attended the Orlando Project for the summer, which is hosted by Campus Outreach. It was there, within the first few days, that I surrendered my life to Christ! I would no longer live for myself, but I would live for Him. Since placing my trust in him, I have a desire to grow in my relationship with him. With the discipleship and trainings provided for me the past two years at the Orlando Project and on campus, I have been more equipped to walk with Christ for life.


Why does she want to go to the Orlando Project? 

 I want to go to the Orlando Project because it’s an opportunity for me to learn how to disciple women, who are learning to disciple women! It’s also a time for me to be able to become more equipped, through various trainings, to strengthen and deepen my relationship with Christ.

What is she hoping to learn this summer? 

I am hoping that God will grow me in serving Him and serving those around me. I believe that this will be a summer to grow in my relationship with Him, but also a chance for me to learn how to live sacrificially—and think less about myself, and more about those around me and how I can be serving them and helping point them towards Christ.

What is she most excited about for this summer?

I’m most excited to see to be able to serve, love, and think for the students that will be coming down. This is such a great opportunity and experience that has impacted my life in so many different ways, and I can’t wait to see how God will work in their lives this summer!