While attending the Orlando Project, you will work a full-time job. Most students have the opportunity to work at Universal Studios. Working will help give you work experience and provide the finances for you to attend the Orlando Project. If you raise financial support for the project, you will still be required to work a full-time job.

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Job Policies

1. Hours must have no conflict with project activities.

  • a. Hours must be between 6:00am and 5:30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday.

  • b. Hours must be between 6:00am and 12:00 am on Friday and Saturday.

  • c. Absolutely no work on Sunday and Monday.

  • d. No one can work less than 32 hours or more than 45 hours per week (40 hours is preferable).

2. All students will be employed by Universal Studios- exceptions must be approved by the Project Director.

3. No job can be terminated by a student without staff approval.

4. You cannot stay home from work without staff approval.

5. You must work all available dates of the project.

Internships and Other Job Info

If you need an internship for your major, you can get an internship for the summer. You can apply for an internship at Universal Studios or get an outside internship. However, you must get approval from the Project Director, Drew Kirk

Even though the majority of our students work at Universal Studios, students who are unable to work at Universal Studios for various reasons will work at Chick-fil-a or at another nearby business. 

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